How to convert the vacuum pressure of the vacuum drying oven?

Converting the vacuum pressure of the vacuum drying oven to the vacuum reading of the electric constant temperature vacuum drying oven is often questioned by customers. Now take the vacuum drying oven produced by Kenton as an example to illustrate, the configuration of the vacuum ;ressure gauge is a single-turn spring tube type, the measurement is the relative pressure, the pointer is counterclockwise, the starting point 0 represents an atmospheric pressure of 0.1MPa, if the indicator is Px (should be a negative value), the pressure P=Px + 0.1MPa. For example, the indicator is Px=-0.02MPa=-20kPa, and the relative pressure is P=Px+0.1MPa=80 kPa. The indicator is Px=-0.04MPa=-40kPa, and the pressure P=Px+0.1MPa=60 kPa. The indication is Px=-0.1MPa=-100kPa, and the pressure P=Px+0.1MPa=0 kPa, that is, the relatively large negative pressure value displayed by the pressure gauge.

To clarify:
A standard atmospheric pressure = 101325Pa = 101.325kPa = 0.101325MPa≈0.1MPa, that is, the value of the pressure gauge needle at normal pressure. The vacuum degree Pa in the parameter table means that it is less than 0.133kPa, less than 0.000133MPa, which is close to 0 kPa.

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