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CR CO2 Incubator

CR CO2 Incubator

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The Kenton manufactured CO2 Incubators are widely used in cell culture, microbiology research, pathology and life science fields.
Creating a natural growth of the same simulation environment, adopt chamber heating technology to provide a stable temperature, the professional-grade IR CO2 sensor, more accurately detect CO2 concentration. Equipped with UV sterilization lamp, effectively prevent cross-contamination of cultivation.

ALLHEAT™Chamber Preheating Technology:

● ALLHEAT™ Chamber preheating technology is the heating element is evenly distributed in the interior pre-heating of the cavity inner wall, and then through the heat transfer and forced-fan convection, so that the temperature of each cavity can accurately reach and maintain the set value, thus ensuring uniform distribution of the cavity temperature.
● Chamber of six surface heating, in which the glass door to possession of the heating system to prevent condensation of glass doors.
● ALLHEAT™ series CO2 Incubator with low energy consumption and heat characteristics not easily lost. Save energy, enabling customers to use the cost reduction.

ALLFLOW™ Clean Air Circulation System:

● Perfect forced convection ALLFLOW™of air circulation system to ensure the shortest of temperature recovery after door. With internationally renowned brands with a cooling fan (maintenance, durability), the experimental and the training effect to the extent desired;
● ALLFLOW™ air circulation system sufficiently to ensure the continuous stability of the temperature of the working chamber. Customer set temperature is reached, given the perfect environment for sample roasting / culture;
● CO2 inlet valve with a filter device to ensure cleanliness of the cavity gas;
● Equipped with UV sterilization system in the chamber regular basis to eliminate the cavity contaminating microorganisms, effectively prevent the training during the cross-contamination.

ALLSENS™ Programmable PID Controller:

● Integrated, dot-matrix LCD display, Chinese and English subtitles, design for the highest operational comfort. Display parameters: Temp. Setting value; Temp. Measuring value, Humidity, CO2 setting value, CO2 measuring value, Heating, Fast input, Sloe input, Sterilization, run/stop.
● Adaptive PID controller precisely control the temperature and humidity, prevent temperature soaring, keep working room temperature stable and uniformity.
● User password protection, built-in multifunctional memory menu, connect to multiple devices (up to 16 units), real-time monitoring.
● Set operations with beep tips.
● Remote-controlled operation, with programmable ALLSENS™ software (option).

ALLMIST™ Inside Water Pan Humidification Technology:

● The original water pan liner integrated humidifier design, that the water quickly atomized.
● Soft air with water vapor of the water pan out the cavity humidity up and recovery, to ensure that the culture needed to saturated water.

Pro-Insulation™ Isolation Insulation Technology:

● Inner isolation gate design, take full account of customers in the observation of cavity samples, ensure the consistency of the cavity temperature.
● Based on the effective use of heat design, complete isolation between the liner and shell to avoid energy loss due to heat transfer.
● Imports high-density thermal insulation material wrapped liner, insulation well.
● Good silicone door seal, with the magnet outside the door design, ensure tightness.

Excellent Imported Sensor:

● Imported industrial sensor PT100, short response time, low self-heating temperature.
● Imported humidity sensor, aerospace material, no maintenance, precision humidity control level.
● Imported IR CO2 concentration sensor with automatic temperature compensation allows high humidity (> 98%) long-term use of the environment, high accuracy, low drift, and the CO2 concentration can be fast recovery characteristics.

Ergonomic design:

● Laboratory of classical color design, international fashion design, arc-shaped design, for highest operational comfort.
● Integrated design that contains original outside handle and LCD screen, ergonomic structure, comfortable viewing angle, convenient to open the outside door and operate interface.
● Interval and number of mesh shelf can be adjusted according to customer requirements. Maximum capacity to meet customer needs.
● Vertical cabinet classic design of structural, electrical components located in the upper cabinet to facilitate maintenance.
● Comfortable vertical structure, maximize work chamber, working room in the upper, convenient to take.
● Double door design, easy observation samples, keep temperature stability, with bell-type lighting system.
● With a test hole in the inner door, easy to test.

Modern Manufacturing Processes:

● Sheet metal parts use laser cutting and CNC bending technology. Cold-rolled sheets use three line of acidification anti-rust technology. Incubator surface use workmanship of spraying plastics.
● Inner chamber is made of SUS304 stainless steel materials.

Easy To Clean:

● Internal surface is smooth and less weld , easy cleaning and maintenance.
● Pull multilayer shelf design, less metal accessories, easy to clean.
● Drainage design of chamber humidification collecting tank. User can discharge water as required to avoid bacteria.
● Water pan drainage design, the user may need to open the valve, put the best water to avoid bacteria.

Convenient Maintenance:

● Liquid crystal micro-computer controller with diagnostic function. Display operating parameters including historical record, temperature and humidity data.
● Electrical control components and working room are installed separately. installed behind incubator, easy to maintenance.

Secure And Efficient Protection Concept:

● Multiple over temperature protection function, sound and light alarm.
● Automatic double over temperature protection function.
● All electronic components are UL certified.
● All over temperature protection devices meet Germany standard DIN standard D12880 Class 3.1.

Technical Parameters:

Product  Model
CO2 Incubator
Convection Mode
Forced Convection
Control System
Microprocessor PID
Temp. Range
Temp. Accuracy
Temp. Fluctuation(37℃)
Temp. Uniformity(37℃)
CO2  Range
CO2 Sensor/Uniformity
IR sensor(±0.1%)
CO2 Recovery Without overshoot (after 30 seconds door opening to 5%)
≤2 minutes
Temp. Recovery Without Overshoot(after 30 seconds door opening to 37℃)
≤8 minutes
Humidification Method
Humidity Pan>95%(with Temp. display)
Working environment
Ambient temperature:10~30℃, Humidity <70%
Insulation materials
Imported environmental protection type material
External Dimensions(H×W×D)
Internal Dimensions(H×W×D)
Interior Volume(L)
Interior steel materials
SUS304 stainless steel
Number of Shelves
Power supply
Single phase AC220V/50Hz
Power Consumption (W)
Net Weight(KG)
Shipping Weight(KG)
Shipping Dimensions(H×W×D)

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