Different series of Constant Temperature and Humidity Incubator

Constant temperature and humidity incubator has the function of setting different temperature and humidity according to demand and keeping them constant. It has specific divisions according to different application industries and uses. Users can refer to the following content before purchasing to facilitate the purchase of suitable products.

Mainly distinguished from the scope of use and application of temperature and humidity, taking the Constant temperature and humidity incubator manufactured by Kenton as an example, the LRH and WS series have a temperature range of 0-65℃ and a humidity range of 40%-95%, which are used in scientific research and development of environmental science, animal and plant cultivation, drug testing, bioengineering, etc. Another type is the temperature and humidity chamber WGD series, which has a temperature range from -20℃, -40℃, -60℃ to a maximum of 150℃, and a humidity range of 20%-98%. The range of temperature and humidity of the WGD series is obviously wider, and its use is applied to the performance test of temperature and humidity of industrial products and electrical and electronic products, especially the impact test of high and low temperature, alternating humidity and heat on samples, so it is also called high and low temperature test chamber, high and low temperature alternating humidity and heat chamber.

Therefore, it is recommended that users first clarify the temperature and humidity range of application and use when purchasing a constant temperature and humidity chamber, and then choose the size and volume of the inner tank according to needs to buy a suitable product.

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