We view after-sales service as including all servicing procedures from the time a product is received until it is used and then repaired. As a result, we will phone and email the client once more to inquire about the progress of the product's delivery, usage, and repair. To help you with all of your after-sale issues, Kenton also has a maintenance special line, a complaint call line, and an after-sales mailbox. We committed to responding the same day and resolving any maintenance issues with the product within two days.

We give agents access to spare parts inventories and maintenance personnel training as needed by equipment maintenance, which makes on-site maintenance for agents convenient. This helps us tackle after-sales issues in various locations. Additionally, since they have access to a comprehensive collection of maintenance and malfunction analysis documentation, users may easily and quickly resolve maintenance issues in various locations by identifying malfunctions and replacing accessories on their own. We may provide you online technical solutions at the same time.