How can a high-temperature drying oven save costs and cool down quickly?

In fact, high-temperature oven generally refers to an oven with a temperature of more than 300 degrees. If the customer needs to remove the material after use, the oven door can usually be opened when the internal temperature of the oven drops to room temperature. If the temperature inside the oven is too high, it may cause accidents.


For the oven, of course, natural cooling is the best, after the drying oven stops heating, the cooling will start slowly, due to the good sealing performance of the high-temperature oven, this cooling may last for a few days, which greatly hinders the development of production. How to make the temperature of the high-temperature oven quickly reach room temperature, the following methods are recommended:

1. Add a cooling compressor to fill the high-temperature oven with cold air to achieve rapid cooling.

2. Add a nitrogen device to inject nitrogen into the oven to achieve rapid cooling.

While both allow for a rapid cooling process, the cost also increases. In particular, large oven place high demands on compressors. Nitrogen is a paid gas. The more you use, the higher the cost, which is not conducive to cost savings.

So how can you achieve both cost savings and fast cooling?

In order to meet the urgent needs of customers for rapid cooling, a high-temperature oven rapid cooling device can be added as appropriate, which uses the principle of express inflation and ventilation to achieve rapid cooling without incurring other costs and saving costs. The supporting equipment of the inflatable rapid cooling device has passed the acceptance of the customer.

The existence of high-temperature ovens has facilitated a lot of production and research and development, but the disadvantages have to be paid attention to. Although the cooling problem exists, the R&D organization has also developed a number of solutions. However, although there are many solutions, you must choose the one that suits you best, whether it is the cost or the final effect, you should take it into account and choose the most correct judgment.

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