Kenton have introdcued a new CST Tri-gas incubator

Laboratory equipment on the international market are being updated and iterated, and of course our company cannot fall behind.

The high-end brand series from Kenton are introducing to you'll with the CST Tri-gas incubator which combines an ergonomic appearance design, and the new incubator uses a large touch-screen microcomputer intelligent integrated controller. Precise temperature control scheme, upgraded from the original CR CO2 incubator to develop a Tri-gas incubator, along with an infrared sensor probe, automatically controls the gas concentration. The control panel has also been upgraded, users can operate with password, built-in multi-function memory menu, with USB interface data Record storage function, and can be connected to multiple devices for real-time monitoring through the standard RS485 interface.

CR CO2 Incubator - Kenton

(The CST Tri-gas incubator has the same design as the CR CO2 incubator)

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