Kenton upgrades DHG Electric Heating Drying Oven

In response to market demand, Kenton has upgraded the DHG Electric Heating Drying Oven with three main features:

1. Adjustable blower speed

2. Added lights to the interior

3. Increased temperature control range.

The DHG series fan speed and air volume are adjustable (models with "C" digital display temperature controllers do not have this function). We found that the air volume of the fan is particularly important when drying different materials, especially powdery samples. The requirements are higher, and excessive wind speed will blow away the sample. The air volume can be achieved through instrument settings combined with adjustable fan speed. A lighting light is added to the interior to allow for more clear observation of the object inside the oven. The temperature control range has been upgraded from the original room temperature +5~250℃ to room temperature +5-300℃ to meet different temperature fields. The product is mostly used for drying utensils and equipment parts, industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, scientific research units, etc. , melted wax for baking, sterilization, etc.

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