Kenton upgrades PX Thermostatic Incubator

The new temperature control has brought many improvements to the PX Thermostatic Incubator. Compared with the old model, it has more precise temperature control, preheating on multiple sides, and a smart touch screen that integrates all smart temperature control functions. It also comes standard with RS485 (232). The output is connected to microcomputer software for remote control, professional supporting ALLSENSTM programmable software, etc., and multi-stage programmable temperature control. The model is "TC" with a 4.3-inch large touch screen. In addition to the above functions, it has a USB interface data storage function.

More accurate monitoring functions and a clearer display interface. These improvements have significantly improved the stability and ease of use of the product. These updates will provide more reliable data support for scientific research experiments and help researchers conduct experiments and data analysis more accurately.

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