Kenton's customized trolley version of the industrial oven has successfully gone throught quality inspection

Kenton is a laboratory equipment manufacteurer specializing in R&D, production and sales of industrial air blast ovens. Recently, the company successfully customized a trolley version of the industrial oven for customers, the product has been successfully shipped, the quality inspection are all qualified, and has been highly praised by customers.

It is understood that this trolley version of the industrial air blast oven is a product tailored by Kenton according to customer needs. The oven adopts advanced technology and high-quality materials, and has the advantages of fast drying speed, accurate temperature control and easy operation, which can meet the various requirements of customers for drying process.

In the production process, Kenton strictly follows the requirements of the ISO9001 quality management system for production, from raw material procurement to manufacturing, quality inspection, packaging and transportation and other links are strictly controlled and managed to ensure that the quality and performance of the product meet the requirements of customers.

The trolley version of the industrial air blast oven shipped this time has undergone many quality inspections and performance tests, and all of them are qualified. After receiving the product, the customer conducted a detailed trial and testing on it, and the results showed that the performance and quality of the product were very good, fully in line with the customer's requirements and expectations.

Kenton has always paid attention to product quality and service, guided by customer needs, and constantly carries out technological innovation and product upgrading to provide customers with better products and services. The successful customization of the trolley version of the industrial air blast oven for customers not only reflects the company's professional ability and technical strength, but also provides customers with a high-performance, high-quality product, which has been highly recognized and praised by customers. The annual output of Kenton is 20,000 sets of laboratory equipments, and the sales volume is increasing by 20% per year. It has become the most influential laboratory equipment manufacturer in South China.

In the future, Kenton will continue to uphold the tenet of "quality first, customer first", continuously improve product quality and service level, provide customers with better products and services, and achieve win-win development.

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