Power supply requirements for electric constant temperature heating drying oven

The following power supply requirements are listed in the national standard GB/T30435-2013 for electric drying ovens, which went into effect on August 1, 2014:

a) Rated voltage: AC 220V, 380V, or other rated voltages; the permitted deviation range of the rated value is -15%~+10%.

b) Rated frequency: ±2% variance from the rated value is permitted for frequencies other than 50 Hz.

b) On the grid power supply, normal transient overvoltage is permitted. As per GB16895.12-2001, the nominal level of transient overvoltage is equivalent to the pulse withstand voltage (overvoltage) Category II. Depending on their size, electric drying ovens are coupled with varying heating powers. Generally, AC 220V voltage is installed at the factory for low load situations or low power, and AC three-phase 380V voltage is installed for high power. In order to discuss specific power requirements or power supply conditions, please get in touch with the manufacturer ahead of time. It must be discussed before making a purchase because, for instance, a small workshop might not have 380V or different nations might have different voltage settings.

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