Six precautions that must be considered when operating an electric heating air blast drying oven

About its specific operation, people who have used it generally know, but we summarize some precautions today, which can make our entire operation process more refined.

1. Do not dry flammable, explosive and easily evaporated items, which may cause accidents.

2. It is about the installation position of the electric blast oven. Because it is a drying device, the installation position must have good heat dissipation and ventilation, it can be installed on the heat dissipation plate, and other objects can not be shelved, so as not to burn the goods or cause fire.

3. When the glass container is sterilized by high temperature dry heat, it must wait for the temperature in the oven to rise before proceeding, which can effectively avoid the cold explosion of the glass container.

4. Because the power consumption of the electric blast oven is very large, it is required that the power cord, safety wire, plug and socket used in it must have a margin, not just right, and it is easy to have the risk of tripping and power failure. This requires that the laboratory construction be fully designed when it is first planned.

5. The items put into the box should not be too many or too crowded. If the object to be dried is very wet, then it is necessary to open a large exhaust window, and when heating, you can turn on the hair dryer to slow down the water vapor and expel it from the instrument.

6. When the new electric blower oven is running, the mercury thermometer can be placed at the jack of the exhaust window to monitor the temperature at any time. The temperature adjustment button of the instrument itself does not display the current temperature, but the temperature when it recalls, so the mercury thermometer should prevail. For the older style, this step can be omitted.

Then, the six precautions that must be known about the operation of the electric blast oven are introduced here. The above precautions should be carried out after we have a preliminary understanding of the electric blast oven, which is better for new users.
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