The difference between the control screens of GX, DHG and KH series of kenton drying ovens......

1. GX, DMG and KH series of drying oven has LCD and digital display screen, using microcomputer intelligent PID technology, in which the temperature of the LCD screen is controllable and has an accuracy range of ±0.1 degrees, with RS485 microcomputer interface function, which can realize network management and monitoring. The accuracy of the digital display meter is ±0.5 degrees, and the LCD instrument is obviously better than the digital display instrument in terms of accuracy and function.

2. The temperature and timing setting methods:

Press the Est setting button first, and the SP set temperature appears, press Save, and SE sets the time, press Save, and the time is set to 0, which means that it is irregular.

3. Kenton's drying oven has the function of an over-temperature alarm, a high temperature will trigger the alarm immediately. If you need a sound and light alarm, you can install the sound and light alarm system. To avoid some customers disliking the loud sound, we do not have a sound and light alarm in our drying ovens, only the over-temperature alarm that comes with the drying oven.

4. The factory voltage of the product is set at 220V, 50Hz, which can be changed to 110V and 60Hz according to customer requirements, which is suitable for the voltage requirements of many countries.


Comparison of product materials:
1. Regarding the difference between the structure and material of GX, DHG and KH series drying ovens for some users, the following is introduced;

The internal and external of the GX series drying oven is made of environmentally friendly electrostatic spraying of outstanding cold-rolled steel plate, and the inner cavity is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is more suitable for the environmental requirements of scientific research laboratories with the characteristics of anti-acid and alkali, anti-corrosion, etc.

The DHG series of drying oven uses the form of outstanding cold-rolled steel plate treated by environmental protection electrostatic spraying inside and outside, and the inner cavity is made of mirror 201 stainless steel material, which is suitable for the environmental requirements of the laboratory with the characteristics of anti-acid and alkali, anti-corrosion, etc.

KH series of drying oven adopts the form of outstanding cold-rolled steel plate treated by environmental protection electrostatic spraying, and the inner cavity has a choice of galvanized sheet and stainless steel plate, which is selected according to the actual needs of users.

GX series of drying oven adopts the international advanced inner cavity preheating technology, and the three-sided annular stainless steel heating element preheats the inner wall of the inner cavity first, so that the temperature rises faster and the temperature stability is better. LCD screen, touch screen, segmented screen, temperature limiter, etc. can be purchased according to customer requirements.

DHG series of drying oven use stainless steel heating pipes, corrosion resistance, strong sealing, can withstand the use of humid space, the inner oven is made of mirror stainless steel, more in line with the needs of laboratories and high-demand customers, the control screen is divided into LCD screen and digital display screen purchase.

KH series of drying oven uses an iron heating element, which heats up quickly, but the corrosion resistance is not as good as that of stainless steel. The factory products use a digital display screen, and the temperature limiter can be purchased according to customer requirements.

2. Circulating fan

The GX and DHG series of drying oven adopts an international branded shaded pole motor, equipped with high-temperature bearings, with better heat dissipation performance, maintenance-free and longer service life.

The KH series of drying oven uses a short-shaft shell motor, which will not shorten the product life of the motor due to dust adsorption on the motor during use, but it is not as durable as the motor equipped with high-temperature bearings.

3. Air ducts

The GX series of drying oven adopts a four-sided circulating air duct combined with three-sided preheating technology to make the temperature uniform and stable.

DHG series of drying oven adopts the bottom and rear circulating air ducts combined with preheating technology to ensure uniform temperature in the working chamber.

KH series of drying oven adopts rear heating and air supply convection structure, and the working cavity heats up quickly.

Note: The more heating surfaces and the more air duct circulation surfaces, the better the temperature uniformity and fluctuation. Therefore GX is better than DHG, and DHG is better than KH.

4. Thermal insulation

GX series is made of imported environmentally friendly aluminum silicate insulation cotton, and adopts isolation and insulation technology: the hollow isolation design between the inner tank and the shell avoids energy loss caused by heat transfer.

The traditional rock wool filling used in the DHG, KH series provides effective thermal insulation.

5. Manufacturing process

GX uses thicker plates, and the sheet metal parts are laser cutting and CNC molding, therefore the production process and accuracy are better than DHG and KH.


After-sales issues:
1. About the order, the delivery time and the door-to-door delivery service

The products ordered on the same day in Guangzhou will be delivered by the company the next day.  Most product would be sent out on the same day after purchased, the arrival date depends on the speed of logistics, Kenton is under a long-term cooperation with Zhongtong and Baishi, therefore an acceptable delivery date is guaranteed.

2. About the after-sales treatment of Kenton products:

The products have a warranty of two or three years according to different series. After-sales service is to give a reply within 24 hours, and within 48 hours to fix any damage. We would provide pictures and videos to guide the repair process, if you still can not fix the problem, we would send someone to repair it for you, no additional charge is required during the warranty period, and the accessories and door-to-door fees need to be charged after the warranty. The GX series of drying oven has a warranty of three years, the DHG and KH series of drying oven has a warranty of two years.

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