The structure and principle of the environmental chamber

The environmental chamber is suitable for the environmental regulations of electrical and electronic products, this chamber is able to conduct both high and low temperature and humidity alternating tests on products.

The upper part of the chambet is the test liner, the electric control panel is located on the right side of the oven, the lower part is the compressor and cooling system. The glass observation window on the door is equipped with a lighting system to facilitate observation of the tested samples. The door adopts a double-layer silicone door seal structure for better sealing. The insulation material between the inner tank and the outer oven is polyurethane foam + ultra-fine insulation cotton.

Its working principle is that when the temperature needs to be raised or lowered, the electric heating tube and fin evaporator installed at the rear of the inner tank operate at the same time. This adjustment method is called the balanced temperature adjustment method. Its principle is through forced circulation ventilation, and the control system is based on the set temperature point, which controls the heating amount of the heating tube and the cooling capacity of the evaporator through the results of PID automatic calculation output, and finally reaches a dynamic balance.

The heating and cooling systems are completely independent. The air flow driven by the centrifugal impeller driven by the long-axis fan makes the temperature of the inner tank reaches a uniform level at a fast rate. The programmable temperature control instrument keeps the temperature constant and has the function of self-correcting the temperature reference point.

The water tank of the test chamber humidification system with humidity function is made of 304 corrosion-resistant material, anti-dry heating heating tube, and has a low water level prompt to prevent water shortage. The steam generated by the water tank enters the inner tank through the pipe to increase the humidity. The system automatically starts when the humidity needs to be reduced. Compressors and refrigeration systems to reduce moisture. At the same time, the heating tube is turned on to keep the temperature constant, thereby achieving a balance between temperature and humidity.



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