Upgraded KH Electric Heating Drying Oven

In response to market demand, Kenton has upgraded the KH Electric Heating Drying Oven with two new features:

1. Replacement of control panels;

The original digital display panel of the KH Electric Heating Drying Oven has upgraded to an LED light-emitting digital display temperature controller. The panel is larger and the values are clearer. The controller can effectively reduce the temperature change and allow the materials to be dried at a certain temperature and humidity. The temperature range is adjustable and the temperature control accuracy is higher, which can meet the drying requirements of different materials. The control panel also has functions such as timing and over-temperature alarms, which can automatically cut off the power supply to protect equipment and test samples.

2. Increased temperature control range.

The temperature control range has increased from the original room temperature +5~250℃ to room temperature +5~300℃ to meet higher temperature areas. The product is mostly used for drying utensils and equipment parts, industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, and scientific research units. It is the best equipment for drying, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, medical treatment, etc.

We will continue to improve the functions and quality of our products. If you want to know more about our products, please contact us!

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