What you need to know before buying a drying oven

1: Can I test before buying?

We have prototypes in our factory, and you can make reservations for prototypes and test them at any time. 

2: Can I try before buying?

We highly recommend that you provide us the product temperature requirements before testing. We can make a recommendation for you, or build a plan based on your specific needs. Because high temperatures cause yellowing on the surface of the product's liner, which affects sales, it is not recommended to try if the temperature is too high.

3: What can I do with a drying oven?

It removes the moisture from the product and control the moisture of the product in the environment.

4: What conditions do I need to use it?

Single-phase or backlight power supply - an accessory device that can be used indoors or in a workshop. It is recommended that the ambient temperature be used at 15-30°C.

5: How to put products in the large drying oven?

Available with trolleys and trays, it can be operated by one person.

6: Should the size be determined by the outer frame or the inner tank? What parameters should be reported when purchasing?

Our products specification are mainly based on the dimensions of the inner tank: height, width, depth and volume. Mainly report the operating temperature range, requirements for temperature accuracy, temperature uniformity, inner tank material, etc. (All of the above could be found in each product description page)

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