Why choose Laminar Flow Cabinets from Kenton?

The Laminar Flow Cabinets manufactured by Kenton Laboratory Equipment can be called the pearl of modern laboratories. Its unique CLEANFLOWTM clean airflow technology gives it unparalleled purification capabilities. This workbench uses a centrifugal wind wheel low-energy consumption motor. This design not only reduces energy consumption, but also makes the operation of the workbench smoother and quieter. Based on the principles of airflow mechanics, the arc-shaped large-diameter air inlet design cleverly reduces turbulence and ensures that the entire system can operate efficiently with extremely low noise. The design of the air duct has also been carefully optimized. The combination of the net pressure box and the laminar air flow plate ensures the uniformity and stability of the air flow. This micro-mesh designed laminar airflow panel has no convex surfaces and no dead corners, allowing every corner to receive sufficient and pure airflow. The configuration of double filter elements is the icing on the cake. The primary filter can effectively block the entry of sand and dust particles, thus greatly extending the service life of the high-efficiency filter. The high-efficiency filter uses HEPA without partitions, and its retention efficiency is as high as 99.99%, providing an extremely clean working environment for the laboratory.

SW1 Laminar Flow Cabinet(single person horizontal) - Kenton

SW2 Laminar Flow Cabinet (double person vertical) - Kenton

SW Laminar Flow Cabinet - Kenton

JH2 Laminar Flow Cabinet(double person) - Kenton

JH1 Laminar Flow Cabinet(single person) - Kenton

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