Introduction to the function of constant temperature and humidity carbon dioxide incubator

The traditional constant temperature and humidity chamber only has the function of setting constant temperature and humidity, there is no function of gas filling the inner tank according to the amount, and the traditional carbon dioxide incubator has the function of constant temperature and carbon dioxide gas inflation, while the humidity only naturally evaporates and cannot be set and constant. With the continuous escalation of experimental requirements, there is an increasing need for experiments with carbon dioxide gas in the required proportion when the temperature and humidity are set and constant. Kenton has designed and developed a constant temperature and humidity carbon dioxide incubator according to market demand.

Its function is to combine the functions of the above two traditional incubators, especially suitable for some cells and tissues that need to be cultured with carbon dioxide in the temperature and humidity environment. The incubator can accurately simulate complex natural environments such as high and low temperature, high temperature and high humidity, low temperature and low humidity, etc., it can also be equipped with lighting functions according to user needs to simulate the light source of day and night.

Segmentable instrumentation controller with intelligent PID technology with timing and over-temperature warning alarms. The inner liner shelves are adjustableto move up and down, with built-in sockets as standard, and a double-door structure tempered glass viewing window. Optional lighting or ultraviolet germicidal lamp device. The carbon dioxide inlet valve with filtration device effectively ensures the cleanliness of the gas in the cavity, and the professional-grade infrared CO2 sensor allows long-term use in a high humidity (greater than 98%) environment, with high measurement accuracy and small drift, which can accurately detect the CO2 concentration and quickly restore the CO2 concentration to the required value. Equipped with 485 computer interface, it can be connected with multiple devices with software for real-time monitoring.
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