The commercial functions and examples of drying oven

The drying oven is mainly used to control and remove moisture from the product in the environment, which is widely used in commercial industries. The KYS series of drying oven produced by Kenton can add a refrigeration system according to customers' demand, making it easier to remove the moisture in the product or the atmosphere in the drying mode.

Nut, chestnut and walnut products, the high moisture content of 27% of nuts means that a drying process is required to reach the 4% sweet spot and achieve the best taste, texture and crunch.

KYS Commercial Drying Oven

Chestnuts are a versatile product that can be dried to use in recipes. Walnuts are a more difficult product to handle and need to be dried in the shell after the green shell is removed, and again when the meat is removed from the shell to achieve the long shelf life required for high-quality, value-added walnut products. The KYS Series Ovens can all provide a space for drying, storage and dehydration.

Drying with refrigeration solve the problem that some food has, for example some need to be dried at lower temperatures, such as nuts, and the KYS series with refrigeration provides the precise control and uniform constant temperature needed to achieve the highest quality, whether you're making hay mixtures and ground powders, or ingredients for the increasingly popular health food market.

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