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KYS Commercial Drying Oven

KYS Commercial Drying Oven

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The Kenton manufactured Commercial Drying Oven is simple to install and move, appropriate for both residential and business use. Long lifespan, low maintenance costs, low power usage, energy conservation, and environmental protection are all advantages.
This semi-closed drying system is dependable and safe.


To accomplish the goal of dehydration, evaporate the moisture in the material using the heat produced by the heating components.


When the air fan and electric heat element are operating, air is circulated by the fan blower and heated by the electric heat element to produce a drying effect. The temperature PID control can guarantee temperature consistency.

Application scope:

Grain and other agricultural items are the focus of this product's unique design. Many agricultural and ancillary items, including baked fruits, pepper, dried shoots, Chinese medicinal materials, mushrooms, shellfish, sausage and bacon, tea, tobacco, almonds, jujube, longan, peanuts, melon seeds, raisins, betel-lang, chrysanthemum, and corn, can be effectively dehydrated using it.

1. A fair hot air circulation system with a sizable centrifugal wind turbine for uniform heat distribution, ample storage, and quick heating.
2. Thermal insulation efficacy is greatly enhanced by using aluminum silicate fiber, which lowers power consumption.
3. With a timer and an overheat alert feature, intelligent PID control can more precisely regulate and reflect the temperature.
4. Easy to clean, long-lasting, and designed to maintain food safety and hygiene throughout operation are the stainless steel inner shelves and door seal with high-temperature silica gel that resists corrosion and is resistant to acids and alkalis.

Technical parameter:

 Model External Dimensions(mm) (H×W×T)
Packing size(mm) (H×W×T) Accuracy Fluctuation
KYS-80AS 1200×735×600 220 2.4 ±5~150 1370×830×760 ±0.5℃ ±2% 8
KYS-100AS 1790×1100×650 220 3.6 ±5~150 1950×1220×770 ±0.5℃ ±2% 10
KYS-120AS 1910×1330×820 380 7.2 ±5~150 2050×1450×940 ±0.5℃ ±2% 20



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