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202 Electric Heating Drying Oven

202 Electric Heating Drying Oven

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The Kenton manufactured Heating Drying Oven has natural convection; dual-layer tempered glass viewing window; two types of temperature controllers; pointer controller and microcomputer intelligent controller type; programmable shelf space and quantity;
Suitable for drying, baking, heat treatment, and other processes in industrial factories, labs, research departments, and other areas; however, it should not be used for volatile, flammable, explosive, or other materials to prevent explosions.
Basic labs and workshops are good for routine testing for mining and industrial companies, but prolonged continuous use is not advised. It is not advised to require the sample to have a high water content and a higher temperature consistency.

Product introduction: 
● The 202 Electric Heating Drying Oven offer supplies for use in baking, melting, drying, and sterilizing in industrial factories, laboratories, and other departments.

● Three different types of controllers Microcomputer intelligent type, LED microcomputer controller, and pointer controller.
● The outside is composed of premium cold-rolled steel, coated with a metallic coating.
● Excellent color scheme that works well for both workshop production and research labs.
● Two types of inner chamber materials—mirror stainless steel and regular cold-rolled stainless steel—allow for easy viewing of the materials within. 
● An air circulation system with low-noise fans and an air cycle duct helps to maintain a more consistent temperature. A rapid warm-up time and a consistent temperature inside the inner chamber are guaranteed by the appropriate air circulation.

Technical parameters:

 Model Voltage
Fluctuation (%) Power (KW) Overall dimension
Packing size
Net weight
Shiping weight
202-0(A) 220
RT+5 ~300
±1 ±2 0.5 480*520*400
202-1(A) 220
RT+5 ~300
±1 ±2 0.8~1.6 590*640*520
202-2(A) 220
RT+5 ~300
±1 ±2 0.8~1.6 670*720*520
The modes with “A” is LED microcomputer controller.

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