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B2 Biological Safety Cabinet

B2 Biological Safety Cabinet

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  • Biological Safety Cabinet Selection
    Type of protection BSC Selection
    Personnel Protection, microorganisms in Risk Groups 1-3 Class I, Class II, Class III
    Personnel Protection, microorganisms in Risk Group 4, Glove box laboratory Class III
    Personnel Protection, microorganisms in Risk Group 4, suit laboratory Class I, Class II
    Product protection Class II, Class III
    Volatile radionuclide/chemical protection, re-circulated back to work zone Class II Type B1, Class II Type A2 vented to outside
    Volatile radionuclide/chemical protection, re-circulated back to work zone Class I, Class II Type B2, Class III vented to outside

    CLEANFLOW™ Clean air technology

    ● The Kenton manufactured Biological Safety Cabinet is Equipped with German EBM high air flow and low energy consumption fan, based on airflow mechanics principle, arc-shaped large-diameter inlet design to reduce turbulence generated, to ensure low noise operation of the system.
    ● Reasonable duct design, optimization of the plenum tank, with the design of micro-shaped mesh layer outflow wind deflector, non-convex, no dead ends, to ensure uniformity and stability of the airflow.
    ● Equipped with long life exhaust HEAP and down flow ULPA, >99.995% efficient at 0.12 micron sizes.
    ● BIOCASION series BSC have two types:
    A2 Type:70% inner circulation, 30% exhaust.
    B2 Type:100% exhaust.
    Work zone width:1000mm and 1300mm

    SAFELOGIC™ Plenum leak-proof technology

    ● Around the work zone at the top and side wall plenum design, so that the discharge of polluting gases completely in a plenum environment, work with indoor backplane to a molding design, effective way to avoid the possibility of leakage.
    ● Equipped with the accurate pressure sensor to monitor the pressure of the working area, where there is abnormal situation such as breakage of the filter zone of negative pressure seal failure, the system will automatically stop the fan running, and through sound and light alarm prompts the operator, thus avoiding due to leakage caused damage.

    BIOCASION™ Microcomputer controller system

    ● The integrated LCD screen. Display inflow/down flow speed, pressure, filter life, failure alarm and other parameter status.
    ● The user-friendly design, with sterilization, lighting, interlock function, frond window over high alarm and front window closed then the fan shut down.
    ● Fan speed is adjustable according to need to adjust the appropriate amount of fan.

    STABLEFLOW™ Stable fan speed system

    ● High air flow fan, the system will automatically track and adjust the air volume and pressure, to balance the role of compensation, with the design of micro-shaped mesh layer outflow wind deflector, so that more air flow stability and uniformity.

    Excellent imported sensor: Air Velocity Sensor and Pressure Plenum Sensor

    ● Imported air velocity sensors collect data of high precision, the performance of corrosion-resistant, anti-interference ability.
    ● Real-time monitoring and control cabinet status.
    ● Imported pressure plenum sensor responsive, effective monitoring the pressure of the work zone and plenum.

    Ergonomically design

    ● Ergonomically angled front. Increase operating comfort, reduce work fatigue.
    ● Equipped with splash electrical outlet. The Weight-Balance front window can move up and down freely.
    ● INSIDE lighting system to provide the best illumination angle and brightness, reducing visual fatigue.
    ● Front windows with explosion-proof, anti-ultraviolet tempered glass, to better protect the safety of the operator.

    Modern manufacturing processes

    ● Sheet metal parts use laser cutting and CNC bending technology. Cold-rolled sheets use three line of acidification anti-rust technology. Incubator surface use workmanship of spraying plastics.

    Easy to clean

    ● Working surface with anti-corrosion wear of SUS304 stainless steel plate forming a seamless, leak-proof, easy cleaning use.
    ● Under the working surface with the drain valve, easy to clean and emissions.

    Convenient Maintenance

    ● Removable combination tripod, easy to transport and move, Stand height adjustable.
    ● Eversion design of the front control panel to facilitate the electrical components, maintenance and replacement.
    ● In order to make the BSC able to achieve long-term safety requirements, it is recommended that the user to clean or replace the HEAP of the BSC in use for some time.

    Technical Parameters:

    Product Model BIOCASION-A2
    Biological safety cabinet
    Biological safety cabinet
      A2-1000G(D) A2-1300G(D) B2-1000G(D) B2-1300G(D)
    clean rating International standard ISO14644.1 CLASS 5(US209E,CLASS 100)
    inflow velocity 0.53m/s 0.56m/s
    down flow velocity 0.35m/s
    down flow velocity precision ±0.015m/s
    noise level(dB) ≤65
    vibration ≤3μm(X、Y、Z direction)
    HEPA efficiency 99.995%
    light intensity(LX) ≥650
    pressure difference range (Pa) 0~500
    operate environment environment temp.10-30℃,relative humidity  under 70%, no obvious vibration and dust
    external dimensions(H*W*D) (mm) 2060×1035×740 2060×1340×740 2120×1035×740 2120×1340×740
    dimension of working zone(H*W*D) (mm) 670×965×560 670×1270×560 670×965×560 670×1260×560
    power supply                             Single-phase voltage source AC220V/50HZ
    Power(W) 300 350 300 350
    net weight(KG) 175 210 175 210
    gross weight(KG) 195 235 195 235
    package size (H*W*D) (mm) 1650×1205×910 1650×1510×910 1710×1205×910 1710×1510×910

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