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HNY Shaking Incubator(vertical type)

HNY Shaking Incubator(vertical type)


Product Introduction:
The Shaking Incubator mainly used for medical and health facilities, medical schools and universities, industrial and mining businesses, and scientific research organizations, it can supply supplementary heating at a constant temperature and give IQ, OQ, and PQ.
Two-year guarantee and EU CE safety certification.

Technical parameter:

Vertical incubator shaker
Model HNY-110 HNY-210 HNY-110C HNY-210C
Temp.range(℃) RT+5~65 4~65
Frequency 20~300Rpm
Stroke 20mm 20mm 20mm 20mm
Temp.resolution(℃) ±0.1
Capacity 250ml×36
(500ml×24 or 250ml×36
or 100ml×56)
(1000ml×30 or 250ml×64)
(500ml×24 or 250ml×36
or 100ml×56)
(1000ml×30 or 250ml×64)
Interior material SUS304 stainless steel
Plate number 1
Timer yes
Voltage 220V

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