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XCT High Temperature Air Blast Drying Oven

XCT High Temperature Air Blast Drying Oven

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This Kenton manufactured High Temperature Air Blast Drying Oven is widely used in industry, academia, health care, the processing of jade, and other units for evaluating the drying, heating, and heat treatment of experimental articles or products. Not appropriate for combustible, flammable, explosive, and other materials. in order to prevent setting off an explosion.
Intelligent digital temperature controller including microcomputer intelligent PID control function; long-lasting, high-temperature resistant heating element; stainless steel inside, anti-acid and anti-alkali; double-layer door insulating material; door seal to protect the environment.

Product introduction: 
● This type of air blast drying oven is a belt-type unit that operates at both a steady temperature and a high temperature. The product is widely used in medical research, scientific research, and the testing laboratory of jade processing units for product drying, heat treatment, and heating; nevertheless, it is not volatile or readily explosive fuel or other substances that could create an explosion.

● High-quality stainless steel is used inside the paint spray system; 
● Intelligent digital temperature controller; the outside uses green metallic. door seal with two layers of insulation. Good energy-saving and heat-resistance insulation.

Technical parameter:

 Model Voltage
range (℃)
Fluctuation (%) Power (KW)
Overall dimension
Packing size
Net weight
Shipping weight
XCT-0AS 220 RT+5 ~500 ±0.5 ±2 2~4 750×770×580
XCT-1 AS 220 RT+5 ~500 ±0.5 ±2 2~4 850×870×680
XCT-2 AS 220 RT+5 ~500 ±0.5 ±2 4~6 1050×1020×830

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