Customers from Korea have successfully completed a deal with Kenton which contains the DHG Electric Heating Drying Oven

On September 13th, Kenton welcomed an important customer from South Korea. At the beginning of the year, the customer booked a batch of DHG and 101 series of electric heating drying oven from Kenton, which was completed at the end of August, under the witness of the customer and a group of technical personnel, the batch of products has undergone strict acceptance procedures, and has been successfully loaded and shipped. This cooperation is an important milestone for Kenton to enter the international market, marking that Kenton will continue to expand its territory in the international market, and it fully proves the reliable quality and performance of laboratory equipment from Kenton.

As a laboratory equipment manufacturer focusing on R&D and production quality, Kenton has always been known for its quality and service. As one of the company's leading products, DHG electric heating drying oven has won the favour of many customers with its advanced technology and reliable performance.

Before the arrival of the South Korean customer, Kenton's professional development team made careful preparations to ensure that the products could meet the high standards set by the customer. Through strict quality control and performance testing, DHG electric heating drying oven has performed well in all aspects, fully meeting the requirements and expectations of customers.

This deal not only demonstrated Kenton's strength in technology research and development and manufacturing but also reflects the company's professional level in after-sales service and customer relationship management. Kenton always adheres to the concept of customer-centricity and constantly improves and optimizes products to meet the changing needs of customers.

Kenton's success is inseparable from the hard work and teamwork of all employees. With a high sense of responsibility and professionalism, they ensure that every piece of equipment can meet the highest quality standards. At the same time, Kenton also pays attention to the training and development of employees and continuously improves the professional quality and technical ability of the team.

Kenton sincerely thanks the South Korean customers for their trust and support to the company and looks forward to working with more customers to create a better future. If you have any needs or inquiries about the DHG electric heating drying oven or other laboratory products, please feel free to contact us, looking forward to cooperating with you!

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