Functional comparison between biochemical incubator, constant temperature and humidity incubator lighting incubator and artificial climate incubator

The basic uses of the biochemical incubators are agriculture and aquaculture, medical and health epidemic prevention, environmental science, animal and plant culture, biological research, etc., the temperature range is 0-65 °C, we can understand that it is based on the biochemical incubator, and the function of adjustable humidity is the constant temperature and humidity chamber, and the humidity and light adjustable are called artificial climate incubator, and we should pay attention to the fact that lighting incubator is not equipped with humidity function.

PQH Artificial Climate Incubator


The following is a brief introduction to the products manufactured by Kenton. The biochemical incubator is made with an intelligent PID control, timer, lighting, over-temperature alarm function alongside with the adjustable temperature control in the range of 0-65 °C. The build of the constant temperature and humidity incubator is based on the biochemical incubator with adjustable and constant humidity in the range of 40%-95%. Lighting incubator temperature control ranges from 10-65 °C with light and 5-65 °C without light. The artificial climate incubator is based on the lighting incubator, and the humidity is adjustable and constant in the range of 40%-95%.

LC Lighting Incubator

LRH Constant Temperature and Humidity Incubator

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