What is a laminar airflow cabinet and how does a laminar airflow cabinet work?


What is a laminar airflow cabinet?
The laminar airflow cabinet is a kind of purification equipment that provides a clean working environment and has strong passability. It is widely used in teaching, medicine and health, electronics, bioengineering, scientific experiments, etc., and is one of the most commonly used instruments in microbiology, tissue culture, and molecular biology experiments.

What is the principle of a laminar airflow cabinet?
The air is pressed into the static pressure box through the primary air filter and the low-noise centrifugal fan at the top and evenly blown out on the upper side by the high-efficiency air filter to form a vertical air curtain with high cleanliness, removing the original natural air in the working area, and achieve the ideal high-cleanliness space in five minutes after starting. The adjustable fan is used to adjust the air volume at two speeds to ensure that the wind speed in the working area is always in an ideal state.

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