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BS Shaking incubator

BS Shaking incubator

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The Kenton manufactured BS Shaking incubator is suitable for scientific research departments such as universities, chemical industry, health and epidemic prevention as multi-purpose instruments for biology, biochemistry, cells and so on. It is an indispensable laboratory equipment for plant culture, biology, microorganisms, genetics, viruses, environmental protection.
Shaking incubator is a biochemical instrument combining temperature controllable incubator and shaker. It is mainly suitable for culture of various liquid and solid compounds such as biology, biochemistry, cells and strains in scientific research departments.
1. The BS shaking incubator creates an original single shaft drive balance device to ensure very low energy consumption and noise
2. The shaking frequency range is 30-300r / min
3. Memory function to avoid complicate operation
4. Overtemperature audible and visual alarm function
5. With power-off recovery function, the equipment can automatically resume operation according to the original setting program
6. Shaking pan starts slowly and accelerates smoothly
7. Universal spring bottle rack
8. Rapid speed regulation, stable operation
9. Stainless steel interior

Technical parameter

Model Working area(mm) Exterior(mm) Voltage(V) Power(KW) Temp. (℃) Accuracy(℃) Fluctuation(%) Plate size Shaking way Stroke 零售价(元)
BS-0 740×650×440 1340×730×665 220 0.8 RT+5~65℃ ±0.5℃ ±1% 2pcs/W400×D310 Horizontal 20mm 9800
BS-1 740×870×540 1340×950×765 0.9 RT+5~65℃ 3pcs/W400×D310 11900
BSF-0 740×650×440 1340×670×630 0.9 5~65℃ 2pcs/W400×D310 11800
BSF-1 740×870×540 1340×950×765 1.2 5~65℃ 3pcs /W400×D310 14200
BS-0H 640×600×460 1390×730×640 0.8 RT+5~65℃ 2pcs /W540×D350 Rotational 25mm 20~300r/min 13900
BS-1H 640×810×560 1390×950×735 0.9 RT+5~65℃ 2pcs/W710×D455 21200
BSF-0H 640×600×460 1390×730×640 0.9 5~65℃ 2pcs/W540×D350 18600
BSF-1H 640×810×560 1390×950×735 1.2 5~65℃ 2pcs/W710×D455 24300


Model Standard configuration Optional(maximum)
BS-0/0H 250ml*18pcs &
Universal spring
50ML(56pcs)、100ML(56 pcs)、250ML(36 pcs)、500ML(24 pcs)
BS-1/1H 250ml*32pcs &
Universal spring
50ML(104pcs)、100ML(104 pcs)、250ML(64 pcs)、500ML(56 pcs)、1000ML(30pcs)
BSF-0/0H 250ml*18pcs &
Universal spring
50ML(56 pcs)、100ML(56pcs)、250ML(36 pcs)、500ML(24 pcs)
BSF-1/1H 250ml*32pcs &
Universal spring
50ML(104 pcs)、100ML(104 pcs)、250ML(64pcs)、500ML(56 pcs)、1000ML(30 pcs)


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