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CST Tri-gas Incubator

CST Tri-gas Incubator


The CST Tri-gas Incubator is used in cell tissue culture in the fields of medicine, bioscience, etc. 

The CST series uses a touch-screen microcomputer intelligent integrated control panel and professional-grade infrared CO2 and O2 sensors to achieve precise control of the three gases by controlling the input of CO2, O2 or N2

When the O2 concentration is greater than 23%, the incubator turns on the O2 gas and once it reaches the O2 concentration set value, the incubator then turns on the CO2 gas. To ensure CO2 and O2 concentration accuracy, the system will turn on N2 gas when the O2 concentration is less than 19% and turn on CO2 once it reaches the O2 concentration specified value.

The incubator door has a constant temperature system installed to keep the temperature of the inner tank constant and lessen the impact of outside factors on the temperature of the inner tank objects

The stainless steel liner uses fully seamless welding and bonding processes to guarantee the workshop's temperature stability and remove interference from outside sources

The fan and air inlet valve automatically shut off when the incubator door is opened to lessen pollution from outside air entry

The air inlet is equipped with a standard gas filter device and a UV sterilization lamp for disinfection, which effectively prevents cross-contamination of cultures;

Chinese/English versions of IQ, OQ, and PQ are available. And can provide a variety of verification services.

Has passed the EU CE safety certification, complies with Australian AS2064 standards, and is covered by a 3-year quality warranty.


ALLHEAT™Chamber Preheating Technology:

● ALLHEAT™ Chamber preheating technology is the heating element is evenly distributed in the interior pre-heating of the cavity inner wall, and then through the heat transfer and forced-fan convection, so that the temperature of each cavity can accurately reach and maintain the set value, thus ensuring uniform distribution of the cavity temperature.
● Chamber of six surface heating, in which the glass door to possession of the heating system to prevent condensation of glass doors.
● ALLHEAT™ series CO2 Incubator with low energy consumption and heat characteristics not easily lost. Save energy, enabling customers to use the cost reduction.

ALLFLOW™ Clean Air Circulation System:

● Perfect forced convection ALLFLOW™of air circulation system to ensure the shortest of temperature recovery after door. With internationally renowned brands with a cooling fan (maintenance, durability), the experimental and the training effect to the extent desired;
● ALLFLOW™ air circulation system sufficiently to ensure the continuous stability of the temperature of the working chamber. Customer set temperature is reached, given the perfect environment for sample roasting / culture;
● CO2 inlet valve with a filter device to ensure cleanliness of the cavity gas;
● Equipped with UV sterilization system in the chamber regular basis to eliminate the cavity contaminating microorganisms, effectively prevent the training during the cross-contamination.

ALLSENS™ Programmable PID Controller:

● Integrated, dot-matrix LCD display, Chinese and English subtitles, design for the highest operational comfort. Display parameters: Temp. Setting value; Temp. Measuring value, Humidity, CO2 setting value, CO2 measuring value, Heating, Fast input, Sloe input, Sterilization, run/stop.
● Adaptive PID controller precisely control the temperature and humidity, prevent temperature soaring, keep working room temperature stable and uniformity.
● User password protection, built-in multifunctional memory menu, connect to multiple devices (up to 16 units), real-time monitoring.
● Set operations with beep tips.
● Remote-controlled operation, with programmable ALLSENS™ software (option).

ALLMIST™ Inside Water Pan Humidification Technology:

● The original water pan liner integrated humidifier design, that the water quickly atomized.
● Soft air with water vapor of the water pan out the cavity humidity up and recovery, to ensure that the culture needed to saturated water.

Pro-Insulation™ Isolation Insulation Technology:

● Inner isolation gate design, take full account of customers in the observation of cavity samples, ensure the consistency of the cavity temperature.
● Based on the effective use of heat design, complete isolation between the liner and shell to avoid energy loss due to heat transfer.
● Imports high-density thermal insulation material wrapped liner, insulation well.
● Good silicone door seal, with the magnet outside the door design, ensure tightness.

Excellent Imported Sensor:

● Imported industrial sensor PT100, short response time, low self-heating temperature.
● Imported humidity sensor, aerospace material, no maintenance, precision humidity control level.
● Imported IR CO2 concentration sensor with automatic temperature compensation allows high humidity (> 98%) long-term use of the environment, high accuracy, low drift, and the CO2 concentration can be fast recovery characteristics.

Ergonomic design:

● Laboratory of classical color design, international fashion design, arc-shaped design, for highest operational comfort.
● Integrated design that contains original outside handle and LCD screen, ergonomic structure, comfortable viewing angle, convenient to open the outside door and operate interface.
● Interval and number of mesh shelf can be adjusted according to customer requirements. Maximum capacity to meet customer needs.
● Vertical cabinet classic design of structural, electrical components located in the upper cabinet to facilitate maintenance.
● Comfortable vertical structure, maximize work chamber, working room in the upper, convenient to take.
● Double door design, easy observation samples, keep temperature stability, with bell-type lighting system.
● With a test hole in the inner door, easy to test.

Modern Manufacturing Processes:

● Sheet metal parts use laser cutting and CNC bending technology. Cold-rolled sheets use three line of acidification anti-rust technology. Incubator surface use workmanship of spraying plastics.
● Inner chamber is made of SUS304 stainless steel materials.

Easy To Clean:

● Internal surface is smooth and less weld , easy cleaning and maintenance.
● Pull multilayer shelf design, less metal accessories, easy to clean.
● Drainage design of chamber humidification collecting tank. User can discharge water as required to avoid bacteria.
● Water pan drainage design, the user may need to open the valve, put the best water to avoid bacteria.

Convenient Maintenance:

● Liquid crystal micro-computer controller with diagnostic function. Display operating parameters including historical record, temperature and humidity data.
● Electrical control components and working room are installed separately. installed behind incubator, easy to maintenance.

Secure And Efficient Protection Concept:

● Multiple over temperature protection function, sound and light alarm.
● Automatic double over temperature protection function.
● All electronic components are UL certified.
● All over temperature protection devices meet Germany standard DIN standard D12880 Class 3.1.

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