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SXⅡ Box type Resistance Furnace(Muffle furnace)

SXⅡ Box type Resistance Furnace(Muffle furnace)

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The Kenton manufactured Muffle furnace is suitable for laboratory, industrial, and mining applications, scientific research units for element analysis and measurement, small-scale steel hardening, annealing, tempering of heat treatment for heating, furnaces can also be used for metal, ceramic sintering, dissolution, and analysis of high heating use. Intelligent box type high-temperature oven (resistance furnace).

The heating element uses a unique nickel-chrome filament production process in a new type of furnace designed to withstand high temperatures, offering greater endurance.

More efficient materials for density insulation; digital display, microcomputer control, over-temperature alert.

Product introduction: 

● This series of high-temperature ovens, also known as resistance furnaces, are ideal for use in laboratories, industrial and mining settings, scientific research units, and small-scale steel hardening, annealing, and tempering heat treatment for heating purposes. Additionally, furnaces can be used for metal sintering, ceramic sintering, dissolution, and analysis involving high heating temperatures.


● New kind of high temperature resistant materials studio for furnace; heating element uses unique nickel-chrome filament production methodology.
● To prevent damage from electrical components that may melt at high temperatures, the control component is located in the lower portion of the furnace.
● The furnace and its shell are designed with high density insulation materials, making them more efficient. 
●  The lever type furnace door has a hallux valgus design for convenient operation.
● The low surface temperature of the furnace shell is achieved by its porous cooling design.
● The temperature control system has a digital display, intelligent PID control technology, high temperature precision, and a temperature alert feature. 
● The overall design is both highly practical and unique.


Technical Parameters:

 Model Power
Temp range
Overall dimension
Packing size
Net weight
Shiping weight
SXⅡ-4-10 4 1000 220 640*490*630 760*570*710 155 180
SXⅡ-5-12 5 1200 220 640*490*630 760*570*710 155 180
SXⅡ-8-10 8 1000 380 780*580*770 900*660*850 235 250
SXⅡ-8-12 8 1200 380 780*580*770 900*660*850 235 250

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