Kenton successfully fulfilled the Honduran clients' order for multiple JH Laminar Flow Cabinets and PX Thermostatic Incubators.

Our Honduran client purchased a multiple sets of JH Laminar Flow Cabinets and PX Thermostatic Incubators from Kenton.

The equipment is mainly used in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and precision electronics, laboratories and industrial fields.

1. JH Laminar Flow Cabinets: The clean bench is a device used in laboratory environments to maintain the cleanliness of the working area during operation. It is equipped with a high-efficiency filter system that can reach 99.99%, which can filter particles and microorganisms in the air to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the experimental process.

It also complies with Australian AS1386.5 and EU EN12469 standards, and the cleanliness level reaches the international ISO14644.1 standard CLASS 5 (US Federal 209E, Class 100). The JH series clean bench produced by Kangheng Instrument has passed the EU CE safety certification. Provide a cleaner and sterile working environment for fields such as biology, medicine, drug development and chemical experiments to avoid the impact of external contamination on experimental results.

2. PX Thermostatic Incubators: Thermostatic incubator is a device for controlling temperature, commonly used in experiments and cultivation in the fields of medical health, biology, agriculture and scientific research. It can provide a stable temperature environment, usually adjustable between room temperature 5°C and 65°C, which can meet the needs of different experiments.

The Laminar Flow Cabinets and Thermostatic Incubators manufactured by Kenton has good performance, reliable quality and reasonable price, which meet the customer's requirements for experimental equipment. At the same time, Honduran customers also put forward some personalized requirements for product functions, as well as after-sales service and technical requirements to ensure that the equipment can operate stably for a long time and be maintained in time.

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