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XYZ Platelet Agitator

XYZ Platelet Agitator


The Kenton manufactured XYZ platelet agitator is appropriate for use in blood banks, hospitals, blood transfusion programs, and other settings requiring specialized thermostatic equipment for the preservation of plaelets.

Technical parameters:

Model Voltage
Fluctuation (%) Power (KW) Inner size
Overall dimension
Pallet size
XYZ-0 220 15~35 ±0.1 ±0.5 0.5 530*590*390 1050×670×600
XYZ-1 220 ±0.5 0.8 820*590*390 1500*670*600 680*480*300
XYZ-2 220 ±0.5 1.35 950*1090*390 1750*1170*600 810*980*300



● Polyurethane foam is used as the insulation material in the box, effectively isolating the temperature effects of the surroundings.
● The temperature controller on the microcomputer is easy to use and has an LCD display that shows both the setting temperature and the actual temperature.
● The forced air convection design maintains a consistent temperature within the box.
● Alarms for anomalous shutdown, power off, and extremely high or low temperatures.
● In order to maintain fresh air inside the box, it has an air change hole installed.
● UV disinfection is available in the workspace.
● It offers a feature for automated defrosting.
● Big viewing glass; box works quickly.
● Mirror stainless steel, which is easily cleaned, makes up the inside container.
● High cooling efficiency and less noise are benefits of the closed compressor unit.

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